Olympic Queen Mattress

Olympic Queen Mattress

Olympic Queen Mattress

First hitting the mattress market in 2001, thousands of consumers purchased Olympic queen mattresses. Slightly larger than a standard queen size mattress, many consumers learned appreciate the spacious comfort. Having been out of production for several years, the Olympic size queen mattress set is being reintroduced. Now you can enjoy the comfort and extra room a quality Olympic size queen mattress set can provide.

At 66 inches wide and 80 inches long, a quality Olympic size mattress set is once again an affordable sleep system option. Combining affordable, quality Olympic size sheets sets and frames with your Olympic size mattress set can make for a great nights sleep. Recent studies have shown that getting a good night's sleep is as important as ever. Good sleep can help improve overall health, mental alertness and even job performance.

An Olympic size mattress set can also be a great alternative to a standard king size mattress. At 78 inches wide, a king size mattress may take up more bedroom room space than is practical. An Olympic size mattress set is a perfect choice for couples and single sleepers.

Olympic Mattress History

The Olympic Queen was originally a product of the Simmons Company. While a standard queen size mattress measures 60 inches width the Olympic Queen measures 66 inches. A standard king size mattress measures seventy eight inches wide. The Simmons Company calculated that mattress buyers come to appreciate a mattress that was larger than a standard queen size but smaller than a standard king size.

The marketplace can be fickle and the long term potential for the Olympic queen size bed did not reach the levels hoped for by the Simmons Company. Even though Simmons may have over estimated the market potential for the Olympic queen, thousands of sets were sold until Simmons took these mattresses out of production in 2006. Many Olympic Queen sets remain in use today and consumers can still find new Olympic queen mattress sets through a small number of mattress retailers at a premium price.

Early sales of the Olympic Queen were brisk, but several things may have led to what could be described as a market failure of the Olympic Queen mattress. The intermediate size of the Olympic Queen presented a challenge some bed frame manufacturers. Many bed frames are designed to accommodate more than one size mattress set.

For example, a metal king size frame could be adjusted to fit a standard queen size mattress set. Supporting the Olympic queen would mean that manufacturers would be forced to redraw existing frame designs. The design changes would have required that to manufacture the new frames, fabrication facilities would have to be retooled and redesigned. It's easy to how many bed frame manufacturers would have considered the cost of frame redesign and retooling to be a risky expense.

At Olympic Queen Mattress.com these challenges are not a worry. We offer quality, selection and unparalleled customer service.